Trip 21 to Uganda, Post 5 – New Kids

We were blessed to welcome 19 new children to the Child Redeemed Mission Home over the last few weeks.  They ranged in age from Nursery School aged to Grade 6.  It had to be a big transition for them (I have seen many of the places they have come from) but they seemed to fit right in.  The resident CRM kids did a great job of helping with that.  Having enough food, clean water, a bed, clothes, a playground, and going to school is a dream come true for many of them.  The government Child Officer (PO) identified all these kids as vulnerable and forwarded them to CRM.

School started Monday and everyone was so excited they could hardly sleep.  Lots of  efforts in getting organized, head shaving, and gathering supplies going on.  The kids organized a prayer circle early in e morning and then we walked….ran sometimes…to school.  Some photos….


All the kids at CRM are fully supported by Mission Servants Ministry and a big part of that is donor sponsorships of each child.  A monthly donation of  $50 covers much of the expenses per child.  We only allow one sponsor per child.  Please pray about joining us in helping these kids reach their potential in life and Christ.