New Kids to CRM

As the older kids at Child Redeemed Mission Home advance into High School (Boarding School) and move, it opens up room to bring in new children.  The District Child Officer recommends children from the area that are of Highest Vulnerability.  Six children with an urgent need to be put in the care of a Children’s Home for their protection were accepted recently to CRM.  They have begun school and are happily part of the family.


From left…Jane, Jehovah, Anastanzia, Damali, James, and Owen

Owen Kintu.  5 years old, Class P1. Father is dead, Mother in very poor living condition.

James Bagalya.  6 years old, Class P1. Comes from a very poor family with both parents of ill health, suffering from HIV AIDS and living in poor conditions.

Jane Kawuda.  9 years old, Class P1. Both parents dead. Twin to Damali.

Damali Babirye.  9 years old, Class P2. Both parents dead. Twin to Jane.

Jehova Kayundo.  12 years old, Class P3. Father is dead, Mother in very poor living condition.

Anastanzia Nantongo.  12 years old, Class P3. Father is dead, Mother in very poor living condition.

The health care, feeding, clothing, education, mentoring, spiritual food, and loving of kids at CRM is a blessing made 100% possibly through donations from individuals.  One means is monthly sponsorship of a child.  $50 per month covers much of the needs.  Please pray about joining us in this loving work.  I can be reached at

Trip 21 to Uganda, Post 5 – New Kids

We were blessed to welcome 19 new children to the Child Redeemed Mission Home over the last few weeks.  They ranged in age from Nursery School aged to Grade 6.  It had to be a big transition for them (I have seen many of the places they have come from) but they seemed to fit right in.  The resident CRM kids did a great job of helping with that.  Having enough food, clean water, a bed, clothes, a playground, and going to school is a dream come true for many of them.  The government Child Officer (PO) identified all these kids as vulnerable and forwarded them to CRM.

School started Monday and everyone was so excited they could hardly sleep.  Lots of  efforts in getting organized, head shaving, and gathering supplies going on.  The kids organized a prayer circle early in e morning and then we walked….ran sometimes…to school.  Some photos….


All the kids at CRM are fully supported by Mission Servants Ministry and a big part of that is donor sponsorships of each child.  A monthly donation of  $50 covers much of the expenses per child.  We only allow one sponsor per child.  Please pray about joining us in helping these kids reach their potential in life and Christ.


Trip 21 to Uganda, Post 4 – First Timers

Jeff and his son Connor Milligan completed their first African mission trip and they had a great time.  Connor hosted a soccer tournament at the home and was a great young Christian ambassador and connected with the kids on their level.  Jeff really enjoyed the kids, culture, and projects.  They wrote their thoughts down below…..

My name is Connor Milligan, I am 14 years old, and I recently had the blessing of going to Uganda for a week. This trip was very special to me as it allowed me to experience a different country’s culture and way of life. The primary goal as I was on this trip was to let the kids know that they are valued. The kids here at the Child Redeemed Mission Home are all kids that have been neglected by their parents or their parents either died or left them. It is a very sad situation and my personal goal was to see every kid smile. I accomplished this by just hanging out with them, trying to learn their language, and just being silly. I love to play soccer, and so I played soccer constantly with them and had a lot of fun doing it. Also while I was there, I helped build desks for the children’s school, upgraded the lighting system, and started to build a greenhouse. This was an amazing opportunity for me and I encourage anyone considering going on a mission trip to try it.  It has been a wonderful experience for me and I know I will remember it for the rest of my life.

Jeff Milligan…I remember the day I heard about Mission Servants Ministry (MSM) and their involvement with Child Redeemed Mission (CRM) Home.  Immediately, I felt a call from God to go and help.  Fourteen months later it has become a reality and I am fortunate enough to be able to share it with my son, Connor.  I heard many stories from previous travelers to Africa, but none of the advice can really prepare you for what you experience.  Everyday in Uganda has been a flood of emotions, from disbelief at the locals’ living conditions, to sadness at the struggle of families for basic living necessities, to joy from the smiles of the children at CRM.  Even as I write this, I can hear the angelic voices of children practicing songs for Sunday church service.  God is definitely blessing the children at CRM and MSM is being an amazing steward of the funds donated to this cause.  Meeting these children firsthand and working in partnership with MSM has given me the encouragement and confidence to sponsor a child.  Each of these kids is an amazing creation of God and the love (and food and education and Christian teaching) they receive at CRM is transforming their lives.  I am proud to be a part of God’s work here.

All praise and honor to God!

Trip 21 to Uganda, Post 3 – First week

Rick, Greg, Jeff, Connor, and I left home a week ago.  We are on schedule for our projects, all healthy, and enjoying the kids.  19 new kids were welcomed into Child Redeemed Mission Home on Sunday.  They are sweet kids that already seem like they are among family.  It has been a real joy to watch them blend in.

We had to drop the well upgrade project at the Balowoli Primary School because the pump did not arrive on time and a few other crazy events.  We are making good progress on the 100 desks for a new school being started…Promise Primary,  completed the solar power upgrade to CRM and are enjoying the extra power, and will be erecting the greenhouse tomorrow.  We have also completed a number of maintenance items and repairs.

We are especially enjoying the fellowship of the kids, church members, staff, and community.

Thank you for your prayers!