Trip 21 to Uganda, Post 7 – Is that how it looked in your head Bob?

The equatorial sun is brutal upon most of the land in the unshaded compound at Child Redeemed Mission Home.  The logic behind a greenhouse is to have some control over the climate that crops are subjected to in order to extend the growing season.  Tomatoes and peppers are a few crops that thrive in greenhouses.  Although CRM is in the child raising business not the tomato raising business, learning how to plan and execute a successful project is an important lesson for children in rural Uganda especially.  All those kids can go through a lot of produce each week as well.

We utilized a bent and welded steel tubing frame, raised beds, drip irrigation, and quality plastic donated by Ludvig Svensson, Inc. in Charlotte, NC and carried to Uganda in our luggage.  Tubing was purchased locally and all fabrication done on site.  Plastic was held in place with weighted edge bars and zip-ties.  Kidpower came in handy when we needed several dozen pairs of hands.  Now that it is done…I will say that I had a blast doing it.  Here is how it was done…..

Our water supply is from the well tank that the above picture was taken from.  May God be honored with this!