Trip 21 to Uganda, Post 8 – More Projects Completed.

Finishing up reporting on the completed projects, here are several key accomplishments made during this trip that will leave Child Redeemed Mission Home operating more productively.

Solar energy production and storage was increased by 50%.  New panels, batteries, and controller now allows all night security lighting and 24/7 full voltage access for the office equipment and inside lighting.  No more dimming and shut offs.

100 student desks and 5 teachers tables were produced at CRM and shipped to Rock View Primary School.  The nearly 300 kids at this school had no desks at all.  Most of the boys helped and learned during the 3 week project.

New printer, donated laptop, and new WiFi source makes a much improved and very comfortable and productive office.  New gutters over the dorm entrances eliminate an annoyance during rainstorms.

New security lights at the chicken coop and enhanced LED lighting in wanting areas of the buildings push out the darkness.

New vegetable storage bins were made for the kitchen storeroom.  This will help allow them to buy more items in bulk to save money.  A motorbike was purchased to eliminate reliance on BodaBodas (Taxi-motorbikes), provide emergency independence, …and give me a way to cool off in the evenings 🙂

Praise God for the provisions, skills, and time to get these projects done for CRM and the improvement of operations there.