Partner Project with Promise Primary

The Promise Primary School is a private school founded in 2016 in the village of Nabwigulu, near Kamuli, Uganda.  Their goal is to provide a quality education in the community.  Please click on the link to learn more about them.  Mission Servants has been assisting Promise Primary since last year with the goal of helping them acquire the infrastructure to allow them to operate financially independently in 2019.

MSM assisted them with building a latrine in 2017 and have launched a project to build a 4 room school building addition last month.  This building in addition to their existing structures will provide…..

  • Separate classrooms for 3 levels of Nursery and 7 classes of primary.
  • Additional capacity to increase registration from 225 to 425 students.
  • Secure buildings for supplies and materials.

Funding has been provided by generous donations to MSM and all materials and labor are provided from the local community.  Construction will be complete in time for the 2019 school year opening in January.  See the progress so far in photos…