Trip 23 – CRM Home Uganda. Love Exchange United

One rewarding thing about being in the “Working for God” business is networking with and meeting such a variety of people that are working out their heart’s calling and serving in their own way.  Trip 22 in June was Robyn and her family of 6 kids, visiting and serving in the country of their two adopted children.  This trip includes 3 awesome young people representing Love Exchange United.  Ve’Neesha, Mariah, and Nathanael arrived in mid July.  Ve’Neesha will be leaving in early October, while the other two spent 6 weeks there.

Serving on a mission trip is about loving others, putting their needs out front, and showing that love in a way unique to how God has blessed you and formed your heart.  Mariah just loved the children and enriched their lives with her fellowship.  The same for Ve’Neesha, founder of Love Exchange United, with the addition that she has a heart for the Children in a nearby village of Kuslwe and the Rock View Primary School….lobbying for their needs and education and provided the purchase of dozens of mattresses, school supplies, and fees.  Nathanael shared his gift of music and worship with the kids, schools, and communities and helped provide some musical instruments…guitar and keyboard for CRM.  He and the kids wrote and recorded a number of original songs.  These folks have shared their greatest gifts, their love, talents, and time.   Thank you.



Trip 22, CRM Home Uganda – A Family Affair.

Robyn and her six, yes 6, kids traveled to Uganda from Charlotte, NC and have been serving at the Child Redeemed Mission Home in Uganda this week.  The kids range in age from 10 year old twins that were adopted from Uganda 5 years ago to College age and all together carried almost 1,500 pounds of donated supplies to Uganda.  Robyn, an RN, and her kids brought their skills and energy as well and have really blessed CRM, the Church, and two schools that MSM is working with.  The Rock View Primary School and Promise Primary School were both visited and blessed with supplies, hygiene training, and encouragement.  Clothing, medical supplies, tools, crafts, balls, encouragement and love have been distributed.  God bless you guys as you journey on next week.

Trip 21 to Uganda, Post 4 – First Timers

Jeff and his son Connor Milligan completed their first African mission trip and they had a great time.  Connor hosted a soccer tournament at the home and was a great young Christian ambassador and connected with the kids on their level.  Jeff really enjoyed the kids, culture, and projects.  They wrote their thoughts down below…..

My name is Connor Milligan, I am 14 years old, and I recently had the blessing of going to Uganda for a week. This trip was very special to me as it allowed me to experience a different country’s culture and way of life. The primary goal as I was on this trip was to let the kids know that they are valued. The kids here at the Child Redeemed Mission Home are all kids that have been neglected by their parents or their parents either died or left them. It is a very sad situation and my personal goal was to see every kid smile. I accomplished this by just hanging out with them, trying to learn their language, and just being silly. I love to play soccer, and so I played soccer constantly with them and had a lot of fun doing it. Also while I was there, I helped build desks for the children’s school, upgraded the lighting system, and started to build a greenhouse. This was an amazing opportunity for me and I encourage anyone considering going on a mission trip to try it.  It has been a wonderful experience for me and I know I will remember it for the rest of my life.

Jeff Milligan…I remember the day I heard about Mission Servants Ministry (MSM) and their involvement with Child Redeemed Mission (CRM) Home.  Immediately, I felt a call from God to go and help.  Fourteen months later it has become a reality and I am fortunate enough to be able to share it with my son, Connor.  I heard many stories from previous travelers to Africa, but none of the advice can really prepare you for what you experience.  Everyday in Uganda has been a flood of emotions, from disbelief at the locals’ living conditions, to sadness at the struggle of families for basic living necessities, to joy from the smiles of the children at CRM.  Even as I write this, I can hear the angelic voices of children practicing songs for Sunday church service.  God is definitely blessing the children at CRM and MSM is being an amazing steward of the funds donated to this cause.  Meeting these children firsthand and working in partnership with MSM has given me the encouragement and confidence to sponsor a child.  Each of these kids is an amazing creation of God and the love (and food and education and Christian teaching) they receive at CRM is transforming their lives.  I am proud to be a part of God’s work here.

All praise and honor to God!

Trip 20 to Uganda, Post 5 – Partners

IMG_2723One cool thing that I have realized during our work in Africa is how vast God’s network of workers are and how complex and perfectly tuned are His plans.  MSM is involved at CRM because we were connected via Holy Spirit and internet to Kathy Bailey and her ministry Dominion Divas and she asked us to investigate in 2013.  That was the beginning of our work in Uganda.

Much of the work we are able to accomplish is through help from other ministries.

Water Missions International had helped us with installing water wells at both CRM and IMG_2618the Kenyan orphanages as well as solar power installations.  They are working with us on a project planned for our next trip to install a pump, chlorinator, and tank on an old well at the Balowoli Pimary School that our kids and 1200 other community kids attend.


We visited the Promise Primary School in a nearby town 22403983_726180607575127_199721876_othat is sponsored by Lillian, a 72 year old woman from South Carolina who has a heart for Ugandan kids and started a school two years ago.  MSM helped her finish a badly needed latrine.  The school has rapidly grown due to the need of poor families in that area and her resources were stretched keeping up with over 200 kids.


MSM worked with Ve’Neesha, a young lady who started the Love Exchange United IMG_2658ministry and sponsors school kids at the Rock View Primary School in a nearby town.  This is a new school started by a retired Ugandan Pastor and Schoolteacher to help the local kids get a good start in education.  A project is planned to build desks and tables for their expanding school during our trip in January.


World Mission donated solar powered audio devices called Treasures that have the Bible translated in Ateso.  MSM delivered roughly 100 now to a group of Ugandan Teso Pastors that are reaching Kenyan Teso people.  The Jesus Film ministry donated two solar powered video projectors that we delivered to allow the Teso evangelists to show the Jesus Film to thousands of Teso people.  Restoring Vision has donated hundreds of reading glasses that MSM has fitted to people that lost the blessing of reading due to age, and trained others to bring this blessing into the field.

The Kamuli Mission Hospital in Kamuli and their sponsors provide excellent care for our kids when they have medical needs.

Abandoned Children’s Foundation has been partnering with MSM to bring volunteers and support to the Lord’s Servants Home in Kenya and CRM in Uganda.  These volunteers are vital to the children and orphanages and do wonderful and loving work.

There are many other individuals and groups that are standing to help and are brought in by God’s faithfulness.  It is humbling and awesome.  This is all our Father’s work and we just need to submit to the call and be faithful.  God IS good.

Thank you all for what you do….pray, hit like or share, sponsor or donate.  The team of people that make up the care for the 100+ kids in Kenya and Uganda is amazing.

Trip 20 to Uganda, Post 2

Gary and I returned to Charlotte last night.  Ve’Neesha will remain at the Child Redeemed Mission Home in Uganda for two more weeks.  We completed the planned scope of projects and issue investigations and found the children doing awesome and the home operating well thanks to loving work by Pastor Emma, Director and his team.  I will post more details and photos soon.  Thanks for the prayers, Bob

Here are a few photos of us enjoying the visit….