Next Trip…#38, to Uganda, May 11

There is a lot going on at our served ministries, particularly at Promise Primary. We finished enclosing the compound in a fence for security, drilled a water well last month, currently constructing two Dormitory Buildings and a large water tank stand. Power will be wired into PPS for the first time after wiring over 1 km from town (in Uganda, you need to pay for the poles and wires). We will work to organize and complete these projects and leave the school with more class and dorm space, power, lights, and running treated water. The community will also have clean water access. There are a number of other projects at Child Redeemed Mission Home as well as just enjoying visiting those little Humans. As an engineer working in missions….this is really fun! Imagine the switch flip that ends darkness at night, and the valve turn that ends hours of work for dirty water. We will be the lucky ones to see that but give thanks to all who have supported MSM and praise to God!

Please pray for our provisions (these projects are costly) and for good weather (too much rain will be a problem).

Here are some current status photos…. Girls and Boys Dorms under construction.

Water well and tank stand with chlorinator under construction.

Power being installed at PPS…