New Children Added to CRM

Adding new children to be cared for at the Child Redeemed Mission Home is such a blessing. As the kids that have grown up at CRM leave for High School and begin integrating more with their extended families, openings allow for new kids to join the CRM family. The regional Child Officer identifies vulnerable and endangered children and the staff vetts them, prays about them, and selects the children that will be cared for as family at CRM. In a tragic way, I describe the result for the children that are selected as “Winning the Kid Lottery”. Being loved, fed, kept healthy, sleep in a safe place, and sent to school….is a dream for so many kids. I wish there was room for hundreds.

Welcome to the five new CRM children to be loved and cared for. Our goal is to raise children to be healthy and productive members of their community, know how to love others, and have an opportunity to know and love our Savior Jesus Christ.

These kids are supported fully by prayers and donations to Mission Servants Ministry. Please contact us if you feel led to be more involved.