New Kids at the Home

We welcome 12 new kids to the family at The Lord’s Servants Home.  Most of them are starting off in the new Nursery class of our new Lord’s Servants Academy.  They come from a number of different communities through churches we are familiar with and have a variety of sad stories and pain in their past. 

These are the first 12 of 20 new kids we will welcome before the end of December to fill our home to 60 children, an expansion made possible with the completed construction of the new dorm building and latrines.  A few have sponsors already but most do not.  If you feel called to sponsor one of these and join us in our service to them, please contact us for more information.

Welcome guys!!!

Jasper, Ruth, Noah, Martha, and Joshua

Stella, Hillary, Faith, Nicole, Debra, Betty, and Dominic