Lord’s Servants Academy, est. 2012

This is very exciting new addition to God’s work at The Lord’s Servants Home.  The Lord’s Servants Academy (LSA) was opened in September with its initial class, a 25 student Nursery Class for students pre-1st grade (Kindergarten and earlier).  There was not a quality ECD (Early Childhood Development) school in the community and children typically head off to 1st grade poorly prepared and get a slow start.  The LSA will provide a Christian based education and importantly, a lunch every day.  For many of these kids, it may be the best meal they have.  The classes are held in the LSH dining hall which is clean, well-lit, has electricity, chalk board, a kitchen, latrines, water, and resources of the LSH and Liyavo Bible Church.  Special tables and benches have been prepared for the schools use for the little people.

The class size is 25 students which is very good in Kenya.  Of the 25, 8 students are our own LSH children and the rest is from the community.  We do ask a fee which is standard for a private school but unlike most private schools, plan for roughly 50% of the community student to come from families that can not pay all or even a portion of the fee.  We will maintain this proportion, serving the poorest children, as a blessing to the community.  The LSH will even assist the poorer families with uniforms by making them as an outreach from the older kids at the orphanage.

Angela Matanyi has joined the LSA staff as Nursery Class teacher.  She is highly qualified and has nearly 10 years of teaching experience with nursery aged children, is certified in ECD, and is from the area.

The school year cycle in Kenya begins in January.  We see the need and therefore is our goal to expand the LSA to include and additional 25 Nursery students and also begin a 1st grade class.  Currently a second ECD teacher and a 1st grade teacher is being sought.   We will partition the dining hall with moveable curtains or walls to allow for separate classes.  We pray that this effort will provide a blessing to the community by serving the youngest of school age children with a great start to their education.