January 2013 Trip Update

Update on our plans for our next trip to The Lord’s Servants Home….  Greg Perkins, Tony and Terri Yoder, and I will leave the US on 23 January and spend two weeks at the orphanage in Kitale, Kenya.  Greg and I will go on to a town north of Jinja, Uganda to visit a relatively new ministry and orphanage that is serving in that area. 

Besides loving on the kids and meeting the new ones, our trip outline in rough terms is as follows….

  1. Projects.
    1. The new well.  We have decided to drill a well and have completed a survey, indicating water at 120 meters.  We hope to have permitting completed and ideally the well drilled by the time we visit.  Our goal will be to complete installation of the well, pump, storage tank, piping, and chlorinator before we leave.
    2. Projects associated with the goods on the container such as playground slides, swings, and merry-go-round installation as well as TV installation in the dining hall.
    3. Implement mentorship projects for the older children.
    4. Review of all projects implemented previously and act as needed, upgrading some such as rain gutters, lighting, and electrical installation.
  2. Business and planning discussions.
    1. Budget review for 2012, new budget for 2013.
    2. Lord’s Servants Academy (new nursery school) vision, short-term plan, and long-term plan.  This will lead to decisions about building a classroom for future 1st through 4th grades classes.
    3. Farm future plan and use of the land.  How can we best honor God with that land.
    4. Discuss use of the old church building and initiate actions.
    5. Cooperation between The Lord’s Ministries, The Liyavo Bible Church, and The Lord’s Servants Home.
  3. Visit the Stream of Hope for the African Child ministry and orphanage in Uganda.
    1. Get to know Pastor Isabirye and the ministry goals and needs.
    2. Deliver some medicine, goods, gifts, and relief.

Please keep us in your prayers as we finalize our plans and work towards gathering provisions.