Christmas in Africa….

The kids at The Lord’s Servants Home and at The Stream of Hope Home had a Christmas celebration because of Sponsors and generous people sharing with them.

We have provided clothing, a book, a trip to the Nature Park, and a special meal to the kids at LSH in Kenya for years.  They enjoyed it just as much this year….


The LSH gang getting ready for the Kitale Nature Conservancy (Park)


This is the first year that we have stood with the kids at SOH in Uganda in support and maybe the first Christmas celebration for many of them.  They got some new clothes, a fun day, and a really special meal with a soda.


New clothes..they love that.


Special meal and a soda!

Merry Christmas All!!!

Kids are Kids…

Friends at Basic Concepts, Inc., a manufacturer of spill containment systems, made us the heavy-duty welded collapsible vinyl wading pool.  We brought it to Kenya in August but it was until last month that the weather was good for them to use it.  Most of them have only stood in a bin of water to wash, never enough to swim or play in.  I can just picture the frenzy going on.  I am also humbled by the pure water that they now have in abundance because of the well that God provided in January.

Swimming at LSH

First time for them in any amount of water.

Lord’s Servants Academy – Building #1 now open

Doesn’t this just make you smile?  Partial Nursery thru 2nd Grade classes have started this 3rd term of 2013.  We are praying to fill Nursery thru 3rd grade classes beginning in January 2014.  Full classes will have 32 children.  This is really exciting.  LSA will make a positive impact in the community around the Lord’s Servants Home for many many years as children in the area get a good education and know that God is working in their lives.  Praise God and thank you for helping.

Nursery Class kids

Nursery Class kids

LSA class in session

LSA class in session

Note the quality tables and chairs used to group students

Note the quality tables and chairs used to group students

....the flagpole

….the flagpole

...playing soccer at recess.

…playing soccer at recess.

Kids lined up to check out the new latrine.  There are 3 more doors on the other side.

Kids lined up to check out the new latrine. There are 3 more doors on the other side.

LSA Building #1

LSA Building #1







August 1-19. Trip Report 1st Post

Our trip to the orphanages in Kitale, Kenya and Nawantale, Uganda was fantastic.  We met our goals and delivered blessings.  First timers, Randall and Cheryl had a great time and were a blessing to many people.  I will make several posts over the next week to present photos, video, and stories.

To start I want to give God the Glory and point out how we were under His protection and grace…

The Nairobi international airport terminal burned into a nearly complete loss while we were in Kenya throwing travel to and from East Africa in turmoil.  If our trip started a week earlier, our departure would have been messed up.  If our trip started a week later, it would have been delayed or worse.  Amazingly our plans were unaffected.

My Father went to be with Jesus somewhat unexpectedly a week before our departure.  I was able to see Dad a lot before that, celebrate his life with family after, then continue with the plans on our trip.  A timing change could have easily caused me to cancel my trip.  Serving orphans was the perfect way for me to process my Dad going on ahead of us.  The Holy Spirit used this in messages that I shared with churches on the Sundays we were there.

I broke a molar tooth 2 days before departure and my Dentist was on vacation.  The back-up Dentist used a procedure to numb my lower jaw.  I learned the procedure on YouTube while in Kenya and was able to use it and help 3 people in Uganda by removing painful teeth.  Basically, I would not have been able to attempt that if my tooth had not broken.  Of course, timing changing a few days and a broken tooth on my trip would have been very unpleasant for me.

Our timing in becoming involved with the Stream of Hope Orphanage in Uganda is amazing.  There are 2 little girls there that are alive now because we were called to become involved.  The other 38 children now have hope for a life, and a church has a roof due to God bringing timely provisions to us.  Much of this in memory of my Dad.

Greg’s son Nicholas had surgery on his nose and upper palate a week before we left.  Early in our trip while we were in Kenya, he developed serious bleeding complications which were life threatening and further surgery was required.  Greg had the opportunity to trust God with his family from the other side of the world and involve hundreds of people in Kenya in praying for Nicholas.  A small timing change and that would have altered our trip.  God is faithful.

We had car trouble on our trip to Uganda.  While I was annoyed over a 3 hour period searching for parts and a new tire, Greg and Randall walked the streets in a neighborhood and found a little girl with a life long eye infection.  Dr. Randall was able to make arrangements for treatment to relieve the pain this girl had her whole life.

On a personal note, my sweet 14-year-old Basset Hound Sarah waited for me to return from our trip before saying goodbye.  I am so thankful!

I’ll be sharing more with stories, photos, and video about how God worked through us but I wanted to share how God faithfully cared for us first.  Thank you Father!


Us with the staff and younger kids at the Stream of Hope Home

On our way Home. Blessed Trip.

We’ve completed our work in Kenya and Uganda and are on our way home.  We are in Nairobi now and leave tonight for Brussels then Sunday for the USA.  It’s been a good trip and we are all feeling that God blessed us by putting us in position to impact people.

Besides our project work and efforts with the children at the Orphanages, School, and Churches which all went well, Dr. Randall and assistants Cheryl and Greg screened a few hundred people for eye health and blood pressure, correcting issues with reading glasses and advice and referring them to sources of help.  Randall helped me pull teeth from 6 people in Uganda that were in severe pain, and I even was in the right place to take 2 people to the hospital who just had a motorcycle-automobile accident in Kitale.

God is Good.  Thank you for your prayers!  I look forward to updating everyone better when I get back next week.