Prayer Request: Peaceful Election in Kenya

On Monday, March 4th, Kenya will hold their general elections.  During the last election, 5 years ago, controversy sparked national violence along tribal lines.  Over 1,000 people were murdered during the tribe on tribe violence and over 500,000 people were driven from their homes, many farms burned, and most of them permanently displaced and forced into refugee camps.  I visited Kenya roughly 1 month after this in 2008.  It was tragic that one of Africa’s best and most stable countries fell apart and turned on itself, compounding the existing tragedies of HIV/AIDS, drought, famine, and poverty, among others such as poor education, high unemployment, over population, growing numbers of orphans, poor infrastructure, and insufficient health care.

I was going to include some links but I suggest you simply google: kenyan elections.  You will have many choices to learn about the circumstances after the last election and the complicated issues revolving around this election.

Please join me in prayer that democracy prevails and peace is kept.  Pray that the leadership in Kenya are convicted to serving her people and resolving the heartbreaking issues plaguing Kenya.