Trip 18, SOH Uganda, Update 2

Mission completed for three of the team.  Jon, Emily, and Rick are heading home and I will stay a few more weeks.  It was a good two weeks at SOH, accomplishing our plan and an addition of Medical/Dental/Reading glasses outreach to the community which turned out to be the most important part of the trip.  The outreach lasted 3 days and reached the entire area around the orphanage.

We served roughly 250 people with basic medical and medicine by Dr. Ben from Kenya,   Dental assistance including teeth pulling by a clinic in Kamuli, and reading glasses.  We have tons of stories, many very appreciative people, and a very elderly man who finally accepted Christ as his Saviour in the dentist office due to the love and care we showed him.  Praise God!

Several projects were completed including lighting, gutters for rain collection and furniture building.  Here are a few photos….

Trip 18, SOH Uganda

Four of us, Jon, Emily, Rick, and myself are in route to the Stream of Hope Home in Byasi, Uganda.  This is Jon’s 3rd trip and first for his daughter Emily as well as for Rick.  The team will be together for two weeks then all return except I will stay an additional two weeks.  Between us we have nearly 700 pounds of stuff to bless the kids with and complete our projects.  We will arrive there Saturday afternoon.

We are bringing over 1000′ of heavy wire, 4 electrical boxes, security lights for outside, lights for inside of the new girls dorm, a fan for the kitchen, a folding aluminum ladder, plumbing valves for water collection, tools, books and toys for the kids, a laptop and 20 solar powered audio Bibles for the Teso ministry, and a keyboard for the church at SOH.  We have a lot planned and look forward to being with the kids and staff.

Pastor Paul’s prayer request is for rain.  It has not done so in months, even though it is the time for rain.  The well there I see not functioning because of the drought.


Emily, Jon, Rick, Bob, and 700 pounds of luggage

New Girls Dorm – Moved In :-)

The girls moved into their new dorm home last week.  It is an incredible upgrade from where they have been staying for the last few years, which was the original unfinished house on the property.  The boys moved into their new building in 2015.  It is exciting because now all the kids are in quality, clean, and equal accommodations and capacity is expanded to allow SOH to begin accepting additional kids in 2017.

We will be installing lights inside and outside, gutters and rain water collection, curtains, and personal storage, and concrete pads between the buildings during the MSM visitation trip in the 2nd half of January, 2017.  This will complete the building.  Total cost will be less than $50,000 for a 10 room building…amazing.

There are 40 children being raised at SOH, 15 will be at boarding High Schools and Trade Schools starting in January.  With this addition, SOH can increase to a potential of 60 children living on site, God willing and providing.


New Girls Dorm – SOH. Update 2

We just completed the 2nd month of construction on the new Girls Dorm at Stream of Hope Home in Uganda with good progress made.  It is under roof now.  Window and door fitting and the plastering of the walls inside and out is commencing.  After plastering the walls, ceiling, and floors, painting is all that will be left to finish by the contractor.  We should see the building finished within the next 4 to 6 weeks.  The girls will be moved in then during our next trip in January, we will install lights and gutters.

We started this project in faith and need and without full funding.  The total cost of the building is a very economical $50,000.  If you are led to be part of this project please contact us at

Here are a few photos of what happened in month two….