New Dorm Building Finished

The ground breaking for this project was in mid-February and in less than 6 months we will have completed the move in.  That’s excellent progress anywhere.  This project also includes rainwater collection, extensive rainwater runoff grading and culverts, electrification, security lighting, new beds and furnishings, a walk-under to the dining hall, and concrete aprons completely around both dorms.  The existing dorm building is also being painted and repaired.  This project has improved the proffesional looks to the orphanage immensly.  It was a real blessing to have the funds, timing, and people to make this possible.  Pastor Moses and his team delivered ahead of schedule and to budget.  All of this for $50,000.  Praise God!

This new building already served as an impromptu hostel for about 100 out-of-town guests to Mama Pauline Mudenyo’s funeral a few weeks ago and will now allow the separate quarters for the boys and girls and additional room for 20 more children.  The boys will occupy this building as well as the resident caretakers, and several guest and sick rooms.  All the moves are planned for this coming week.

 Check out more photos here.