2012 Mission Trip Review

Praise God for a safe and mind boggling trip.  As I review what was done, I get more amazed.  I hope this brief summary and photo gallery gives you a good feeling for what happened.  All the glory is God’s!

Our Goals were to…. 

•Make a spiritual impact on the orphanage, community, and supporting ministries
•See major projects completed
•Implement Home improvement projects
•Make a connection with the kids in a way to benefit them long-term
•Discuss future objectives and set direction

 Here is a brief summary of the things that God worked out on our trip….(click on a photo to start a gallery showing)

•12 People including 6 newbies
•Over 5 week span on the ground
•3 Churches given messages
•3 Schools visited
•Over 1000 pounds of stuff brought and left.
•6 Major projects finished
•Many small projects and improvements finished.
 What we brought with us….. 
•Custom Dresses and shorts
•Soccer jerseys and shorts
•Underwear and socks
•Soccer balls
•Swings and tetherballs
•Washboards and wringer equipment
•8 computers and peripherals
•Digital projection equipment
•Digital audio players for Bible groups
•Digital media with Jesus films and Bible
Translated in Swahili and other dialects
•Custom dolls
•CDs and DVDs for kids
•Tools and repair parts
•Candy, treats, toys
•Beekeeping equipment
•Sewing supplies and patterns
•Art and craft supplies
•Mural paints
•Clothes, shoes, towels
•Swahili Bibles
The people doing the hard work are the Pastors (Moses, George, Protus, and Ken), Caretakers (Rose, Bonn,  Caroline, and Eunice), and Social Worker (Dorothy), plus the church members at Liyavo Bible Church, Sarura Bible Church, and Kwanza Bible Church.  We are very grateful for them and pray for their continued energy and dedication.