Mission Trip Goals, July 2012


Major Projects….Our focus has changed a little over the last few months and is listed below.  Funding help for these is a prayer.
1.  Finishing the new dorm and moving kids in is a reality during our visit.  This involves furnishings and details…
        *   Child beds and storage shelves.
        *   Library shelves and tables / chairs.
        *   Computer room desk with new computer and printer and internet connection.
        *   Final details such as water collection and landscaping.
        *   Preparations for bringing 20 more orphans into the home
2.  Water Well.  Project is delayed and being focused more toward a drilled well and larger scale project.  Investigation primarily this trip and planning for future implementation.
3.  Electrification and lighting of the grounds for security.  Electrification of the cooking process.
4.  Set up a bee keeping operation to benefit the farming community and provide honey and training opportunity for the orphanage. 
5.  Playground improvement with new swings, see-saws, slides, and merry-go-round.
Community and Evangelism
1.  On-site projects of community outreach and evangelism.
2.  Empower the church community nursery school.
3.  Provide and use a digital projector, stored media, and time to show Jesus Films and others in outreach support of the Liyavo (orphanage) Church and the Sarura Bible Church as well as others that opportunity is provided.

1.  Establish a computer at the home and a program to introduce the educational opportunities to the children.
2.  Establish a mentor program and micro-business opportunities to the youths.

Sponsor Relationship
1.  Further establish the Sponsorship Program with the kids on an official basis.
2.  An Introduction and communication method established with each child.

1.  Love on the kids and workers and bring the physical blessings we have accumulated, clothes, toys, etc.
2.  Crafts and fun times.
3.  Plan the actions needed for the next year.

New Dorm Building nearly finished

This twin of the original dorm building is only needing finishing touches.  The boys have begun moving into the building.  The tanks seen in front will be used to capture all the rain water from the roofs.  This building project will allow for us to house the boys and girls separately, add 20 more children, and establish the library, computer room, training room, and guest rooms.  We should see it completely finished in the next few weeks.

Summary of the 1st Group visit…

The kids were great and spending time with them is the best.  Although they went to school during the day, we had a good time with them after and on weekends.  The presence of women on our team this trip (usually mostly guys) was very noticable and evident in the child intense evenings of arts and crafts, puppet shows, dance parties, sewing classes, movies, and snack times.  Wall murals were painted in the original dorm which will now be called the Girls Dorm, and in the Dining Hall / Church Hall.  Sewing training and equipment was established as well as a library, office computer with internet, and Bee hives.  Most of all, we tried to give to the kids…cookies, time reading stories, walking them to school, helping them with minor injuries or illness, watching films, giving messages, taking pictures, and more cookies. 

First time painting

Sharing a moment after worship service


 We worked on several small improvements to the home to make things easier and look better.  Flowers were planted, murals painted, concrete aprons and drainage culverts poured, the old kitchen building demolished, and improvments made to the kitchen, washing, and dishwashing areas.  New furniture was started including bunk beds, library shelves, store room shelves, computer desks, and bedroom cabinets.  Some playground improvements were started and prepared for when the container brings the equipment in a few weeks

We also served several churches and schools with visits and messages although the demand was higher than we could meet.  Three weekends were filled visiting four different churches with many messages, showings of the Jesus Film in Swahili, and workshops. Some new tools for evangelism were brought and people trained, namely 3 laptop computers, a digital video projector and hard drive loaded with the Jesus and Hope films in Swahili and other tribal dialects, digital audio devices with the books of the Bible recorded in Swahili and other dialects, and technology to load a Bible presentation on cell phones.  We pray that these heart language evangelism tools will help reach people needing to hear The Good News.

The eight of us in the first group brought a total of 32 bags to Kitale, most of which were loaded with goods for the orphans and churches such as books, puzzles, craft supplies, new handmade dresses and shorts, T-shirts, underwear, toys, tools, dolls, bracelets, soccer balls, and letters of encouragement.  

Casey, Tom, Diane Zoppa, Kathy, Dana, Bob Hillebrand and Pastor Protus

The new dorm is now starting to be occupied and the rooms are being allocated.  The latrine was completed but the new well was worked on very little due to the rains.  The 2nd group of four guys now arriving will complete much of the projects that were started and others.

Back from Kenya

The first group of us has been to Kenya and returned home.  We had a great time with the kids, caretakers, and church members and really hated to leave.  It was a heavy rainy season weather pattern even though it should have ended weeks ago and it provided some challenges but we met our primary goals of leaving everyone feeling loved and encouraged.   Except for a few minor scrapes and stomach stresses, we all were well and serving contentedly.  We also loved representing so many people back home, from the ladies of Hickory Grove Baptist Church that made dresses, shorts, dolls, bookmarks, and bracelets, the ladies from Dresses for Orphans for their shirts and dresses, our friends who collected many books and items and underwear, the sponsors and people who sent personalized letters and photos, friends who helped us obtain soccer balls and craft supplies, friends who gave us needed technical support, and all who supported and encouraged us in many ways.  Thank you and Praise God.