Trip 20 to Uganda, Post 4

We were a small team, Gary and I, but we had many helpers!  We didn’t plan on any large projects but we accomplished a lot of upgrades, improvements, and maintenance items.  As always, the best part was doing them with the boys (and sometimes girls) helping.  Here they are…..


Just like when I used to help my Dad….except for them not learning colorful words 🙂


This will last them a while.


Soccer goals were the boys favorite project.


IMG_2675 - Copy

Security light on a pole (behind the clothes) with motion sensor to light up the yard behind the dorms.


Finished up the concrete work (using local labor) between buildings to eliminate mud. The cooks especially appreciated the work outside the kitchen.


We moved the water tap nearer the kitchen and run off drain.  Added a 2nd valve for the hose.


We finished the rain water run-off trenches (using local labor) to route water away from the buildings.  The back 2 acres of land slopes toward the living areas and created mud during rains in the past.  Gary built his first ever bridge.


The kids planted 640 shrubs and trees all over the compound, along footpaths, walkways, buildings, and fences.


We also replaced a few failed lights, an underground wire, 6 broken windows, tetherballs, seats on seesaws, several solar landscaping lights, and several worn out valves on water tanks.  I had a great time!

The next posts will cover an outline of our next trip (in January) and MSM’s work to partner with nearby schools.

Thank you always for your prayers and support!

Trip 20 to Uganda, Post 3

The most important objective of this recent trip to the Child Redeemed Home was to understand how well the relationships the new staff (that was installed in June) had with A) The Mission Statement of the organization, B) Each other, and C) The children, families, and community.  I was pleased on all fronts and found the home and children in a very positive state.

The Mission Statement of CRM is posted on a sign for all to see.  Everyone understands this and will hold each other accountable to it.  Past failures are lessons in caution, diligence, and grace.  The enemy is active.



The following photos introduces the staff at CRM…an effective and loving team with a real heart for this work.

CRM Staff 2017

Back left to front right: Abdul (night guard), Prossy (cook), Beatrice (cook), Daniel (day guard), Takola (Matron), Emma SSengoba (Director), Gorreti (social worker)


Noel (volunteer social worker) and her baby boy Gift (cool name)

CRM Staff Peter 2017

Pastor (also Teacher and Tutor) Peter


Lydia (independent auditor/Accounting) and Emma


Takola with Ruth (volunteer matron)  Both involved since the beginning.


The children are doing very well.  It is a big job to keep track of the needs and progress of 41 children.  They all are in school: 23 Elementary School, 5 High School, and 13 in Trade Schools.  Their needs and challenges vary from serious illnesses like Sickle Cell Anemia to special items like steel toed shoes for boys in Mechanic classes.  A good relationship between the staff and children is essential and similarly, a good relationship with their extended family is crucial.  CRM involves the families of older children and those that have been at the home for long periods in their school break hosting and reintroduction to their family.  We want the kids to have family support when they complete their education and enter society.  The Ugandan government calls this the “Resettlement” process.  Progress is being made with this in a positive healthy direction.


Susan and Loyi (on the right) at the home of their family.  Jamila and Damali (below left) and Bosco (below right) spending school break with family.


The relationship with the local church is vital for the children.  The Voice of God Christian community church meets in the Dining Hall and is the home church and spiritual center for the kids.  The kids and staff are involved, a large part of the community are members, people are being saved, and Co-Pastors Emma and Peter preach the Word.  I love being immersed in their worship…their singing, dancing, and praying has an urgency and passion that is convicting.


Of course the schools themselves are important partners in successfully preparing the children for productive and purposeful adulthood.  The Balowoli Primary School, Jipra Secondary School, and St. Joseph’s Vocational School are excellent and work well with us.


Not least is the CRM relationship with the Ugandan government, particularly with the office of Children (Probation Office, PO).  They are involved and supportive in the resettlement visits and have notified us of 22 local “at risk” children that they would like us to admit to CRM.  They are being investigated and prayed about.

All these relationships I described, with Jesus Christ at the center is what will keep CRM in a loving state and aimed in a positive direction.  Please keep all in your prayers.


Next post will highlight some projects and upgrades made at CRM.

Trip 20 to Uganda, Post 2

Gary and I returned to Charlotte last night.  Ve’Neesha will remain at the Child Redeemed Mission Home in Uganda for two more weeks.  We completed the planned scope of projects and issue investigations and found the children doing awesome and the home operating well thanks to loving work by Pastor Emma, Director and his team.  I will post more details and photos soon.  Thanks for the prayers, Bob

Here are a few photos of us enjoying the visit….

Trip 20 to Uganda, Post 1

A small team of 3 of us will meet at Child Redeemed Mission (Formerly SOH, Stream of Hope) for mission trip #20 for Mission Servants to Africa and the 12th to Uganda.  Ve’Neesha got a head start on Gary and I and has been there for a week already loving on the kids at CRM and in a village she visited a year ago.  Gary and I leave Wednesday 9 August.

Please pray for us.  Here is a summary…..


  • Child mentoring, sharing with, and loving. Community serving and loving.
  • Projects….
    • Improve playground and install a steel swing set frame.
    • Build steel soccer goal frames and install nets.
    • Additional Security lighting installation around the compound.
    • Move the well water tap closer to the kitchen.
    • Complete the concrete work between the buildings for rain water flow.
    • Replace valves on 2 water tanks.
    • Plant more trees.
    • Carpentry and construction.
  • Review open items needed for adding 22 children to CRM.
  • Water quality improvement project at the community school. Meet and plan to execute this project on the next trip.
  • Management topics with Staff, Government, Hospital, Legal, and Accounting persons.
  • Prepare and plan for the next trip in January.
  • Visit two schools in the area that are sponsored by similar ministries, to encourage.
  • Visit the Teso ministry. Leave 25 more audio Bibles.

Prayer Needs:

  • Wisdom and guidance about expanding the home with 22 new kids.
  • Wisdom during Management Topic meetings and discussions so we are God-honoring.
  • Wisdom and guidance as we mentor and encourage the two schools we visit.
  • That we are led into Evangelism and Community Outreach projects by the Holy Spirit.
  • Safety and peace for Gary and Bob in Africa and for Kathy and Mary Lynn at home.
  • Health of the kids physically and spiritually, that they know the love of Christ Jesus.
  • God’s will and peace in the national elections in Kenya.

Photos from Ve’Neesha’s visit so far…

Too soon, Alex!

Alex Wakasa, 19, left us in this life and his 40 Brothers and Sisters at Child Redeemed Home in Uganda a few days ago.  He fell sick after we left our visit at the home in early June, went in the hospital, and slipped away over the next two weeks.  As is unfortunately not uncommon, it is not known what was wrong with him.

Alex was a very pleasant young man.  He struggled as an orphan with poor relatives and consequently because he wasn’t in school early in life.  He joined the home in 2014 at age 16 and entered the 4th grade.  Alex tried Trade School after that then spent about a year on the streets running from a youthful mistake.  He came back to the home about 4 months ago in a weak state but was welcomed and very grateful.  We had made plans with him to join Motorbike Taxi (Boda Boda) School and buy a motorcycle for him to earn a living.  He was really excited about that.


Photo of Alex taken while on a hike with us to climb a rocky outcrop about 2 miles from the home.  It was a really good day.


Alex was buried at a home of a relative yesterday and is missed by his Brothers and Sisters at CRM and relatives, and mourned by us as a life too short.  Sickness and a harsh life is a hard reality in Uganda.  We praise God for our knowing Alex for the time we did and pray for the CRM children and staff to have peace and comfort.